Top 5 casino secrets no one told you

Casinos are booming, and the players all over the world want to win something and double their fortune. There are chances of players winning it big, and some have already won but winning and doubling money does not come just like that. Casinos offer the opportunity, but there has to be something in it for them too. Behind the glamorous façade lies certain secrets, some of the secrets that have come to light are:

1. Casinos are built in a way to entice its players and stay longer, the longer you stay, the more you are likely to spend. You will hardly see any windows in casinos so you won’t worry about how dark it is while you are playing, the fresh air is pumped through the cents to keep everyone alive and playing. Also you will find that there are no clocks, all this to make you forget about time and play like time does not exist.
2. There are cameras everywhere and so you are constantly being watched. Beware of the cops as well. There are cops walking around undercover and sometimes they are in the bathrooms to check on the casinos players as placing a camera in the bathroom is illegal. The surveillance cameras are to watch out for criminals who may fest on the tourists. Also if you are winning, know that the casino is probably watching you to make sure that you are not cheating.
3. Tip the dealer. Many may not know but the dealers make most of their wage from tips and the dealers would prefer you bet your tips for them instead of you handing them a chip as a tip. But there are many who would rather bet because it comes with the chance of winning something or doubling the money.
4. The freebies. The drinks that the servers serve can be tempting but know that it is not really free. It comes with a secret agenda. As you play and sip on the free drinks, it will dull your senses and your judgment, you might make your forget about your bankroll and bet all that you have or do not have. The free drinks come out from the pocket of the casinos and you can’t expect them to just give it out. Your losses in the games are paying for your drinks. Also sometimes there are those times when people are glad because they won $20 buffet for playing and losing $200.
5. Most of the games in the casinos can lean towards the house’s favor but there are some games out there that are worse than the others. The whole point of the game is built in a way that the player won’t win even though it mentions big payouts so instead of the players tuning competitive with the game, it is imperative to know when to top. Even with the other games, the odds and the probabilities may all differ, understanding these elements are a key to winning something out of it.

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