Advantages of casinos over slots

Slot machines are a fun game, and they are one of the most popular games in all the casinos. Just anybody can play it from the rookies to the professionals, but there are some who do not have a clear understanding of how slot machines work. It is true that the slot machines use random number generator which determines the outcome of the player’s game, and it is very random, so casinos have no control over the slot and who is winning, but like every other game in the casino, the casino needs to have the edge over every game. The casino may not be able to control the slot directly, but it can use some other means to have the edge over the slot indirectly. Some of the steps ways of the casinos having the indirect advantages over slot and the player are:

1. Casinos maintain the slots machines that have larger payouts because it is the most popular and it gets the player’s attention. The players that are intrigued with this jazzy machine keep on playing until they run out of hope to win the big amount. Casinos places their slots in a strategically thought out site so that the players play the games with higher risks.
2. Casinos do not advertise the slots that has the best deal for the players, they do not promote the slots that will be the best bargain instead the flashy slots with the attractive pay outs is being advertised. Players can of course win at this too but it is not a good bargain for all. So it is best to go for loose slots if you want something good out of slots.
3. Any of the casinos knows the art of making the players forget about time and continue playing until they are totally out. With no windows or clock players do not know how long they have been playing that certain game even with slots, the moment players sit in front of the slot and have a little taste of the win. The players keep on playing constantly. The cocktail servers too are a part of the casino’s plan to make the player sit and bet away his money.
4. Slot machines contribute a big part of the casino’s revenue so the slot players are valuable to the casino. To keep the players coming, the casino provides comps to the players. While the comps are very attractive, there are some players enjoy the comps that they get, there are those who increase their play to get these comps which in turn benefits the casinos. The comps that the casinos provide can range from free buffet, free room, free spins or free play.
5. The casino slot machines are starting to get faster and faster with time. The more the player spins, the more benefit to the casinos. When the players win something, they excitement can make the player hit the speed up button to count the credits won and end up with more spins.

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